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The 15th Judicial District of Tennessee is composed of five counties namely: Jackson, Macon, Smith, Trousdale and Wilson. The district covers over two thousand (2,000) square miles with a total population of one hundred fifty six thousand three hundred fifty five (156,335) people. This area is primarily rural with the exception of Wilson county which joins Metropolitan Davidson County (Nashville). This district proximity to major drug traffickers operation in Nashville and the increasing problem with prescription drug abuse in the four rural counties has resulted in a dramatic increase in both availability, quantity and diversity of drugs reaching street level dealers. Also, with forty-eight (48) miles of interstate highways make our district favorable as a drug transport vein for major drug dealers moving contraband coast to coast. Due to the 15th Judicial District unique geographical area we are faced with all types of illegal drug activity ranging from organized street and upper level crack/cocaine sells in our urban areas to increasing numbers of methamphetamine labs, pharmaceutical diversion and the cultivation of marijuana in our rural areas. The rural areas are also seeing a higher level of unemployment, which seems to correlate to an increase in drug activity, particularly methamphetamine production and the sale of personal prescription drugs.
The 15th Judicial District Drug Task Force as well as many other Drug Task Forces across the State of Tennessee are the first, last and only defense rural Tennessee has against drug traffickers.



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